For the ultimate combination of your sense of style and your crafting affinity, you should create a handmade flower crown. No two crowns will look exactly the same, especially when they’re handmade, so this is an especially fantastic project to create and re-create again and again. In fact, go all-in and design a flower crown bar—complete with a variety of blooms, greenery, wire, and floral tape—and host a flower crown-making brunch or happy hour with your squad.

Whether you plan to wear your headpiece for a styled photoshoot, as part of your boho bridal look, or as an unexpected accessory for your new outfit, remember to lean into your own aesthetic and preferences. Glance through these gorgeous flower crown DIY examples to get yourself started.

Faux Flower Crown

One of the advantages of using faux flowers in a flower crown, be they silk or linen, is they allow the crafter to use hot glue and other harsher adhesives that would otherwise ruin fresh blooms. Fill any sparse areas with green leaves and smaller sprigs for a full, bright headpiece worthy of festival season.

Autumn Flower Crown

Floral tape is absolutely essential when it comes to constructing flower crowns. Wrap it around any messy wire joining and to keep things secure. In this case, humble autumnal flowers make a festive headdress perfect for a Friendsgiving celebration or a special harvest dinner.

Romantic Flower Crown

For a more abstract interpretation of the tried-and-true flower crown, take a cue from Green Wedding Shoes. Thread fresh blooms onto an invisible string, then drape artfully around loose tresses. Secure this artful headpiece to loose waves with hidden bobby pins.

Paper Flower Crown

Paper is a fantastic option for flower crown crafting, as it’s easy to work with and fully customizable to your preferred color scheme and aesthetic. For a bright, detailed flower crown like the one here, opt for warm-colored crepe paper and painted details.

Flower Crown for Kids

Once you’ve mastered adult-sized flower crowns, try your hand at a few for the kiddos. Better yet, invite the little ones to an afternoon of crafting, as even the smallest hands can help arrange flowers for a unique crown. Best leave any hot gluing to the adults, though, just to be safe.

Greenery Flower Crown

For the ultimate minimalist boho vibes, skip colorful flowers altogether and limit your flower crown to greenery and buds. A length of satin, velvet, or grosgrain ribbon secures this wreath-like crown to your head and fits with its whimsical aesthetic.

Garden Rose Flower Crown

Capture the spirit of the English countryside with this cottage-core headpiece. One or two full roses are all you need, strategically placed above the ear, then fill in the remaining area with scented bunches—lavender or hyacinth are wise choices.

Springtime Flower Crown

This iteration is perfect for an outdoorsy crafter set on scavenging their flower crown supplies from your backyard garden. The wilder and freer the plants, the better. Don’t be too precise when creating this piece—it should be wild, organic, and inspired by nature.