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Author: Kilian Harthoorn


15 Fun Polymer Clay Ideas

Polymer clay is likely one of the most versatile crafting media available; its uses and applications are practically endless. From handmade jewelry to chic wall art, polymer clay is an easy-to-use, readily available option. While it may take a little practice to expertly sculpt using…


Beautiful DIY Flower Crowns

For the ultimate combination of your sense of style and your crafting affinity, you should create a handmade flower crown. No two crowns will look exactly the same, especially when they’re handmade, so this is an especially fantastic project to create and re-create again and again….


Italian Pizza

This homemade Italian Pizza recipe is so much easier than you think. It can all be made in your standard oven and tastes so good. Making homemade Italian Pizza is so much easier than you think, and I’m going to show you how! Pizza has…


Favorite Veggie Burgers

Have you met my favorite veggie burgers? If not, it’s about time! I have high standards for veggie burgers, and these put all the rest to shame. I have a feeling they’ll become your favorite veggie burgers, too. These veggie burgers are hearty and satisfying, and…


Simple Strawberry Smoothie

You’re going to love this strawberry smoothie. This recipe is cold, creamy and satisfying, and its nutty strawberry flavor is truly crave-worthy. In their most basic form, these strawberry smoothies require just four ingredients—frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, almond milk and almond butter. This smoothie recipe tastes…