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In 2015, community leaders came together to better understand the issues that contribute poor health outcomes in Terrell County. Public health data show that for many years, the community has suffered from unusually high rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes to name a few.

Recognizing that the local community has the answers to improving conditions that will promote good health, the Cancer Coalition, Phoebe, SW Public Health District, agreed to conduct a community health assessment. The goal of the assessment was to gather information from community stakeholders to better understand the underlying causes of health disparities and to identify local resources and assets that can be aligned to address these issues.

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Terrell County

Terrell County, Georgia, is located in the southwest corner of the state. Terrell County has been historically plagued by harsh health disparities that have led to poor health outcomes.  Today, residents suffer a disproportionate burden of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted disease compared to most of the rest of the state.  While the community suffers from health disparities, it enjoys a strong faith community, benefits from many social service agencies committed to helping people reach their full potential, and high graduation rates that exceed the state average.